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tion and hydropow▓er. The coastline in south Guangxi not only has important p▓orts but also yields many valuable marine products incl▓uding the best pearls in China.The Zhuang area enjoys a mild climate with an average annual temperature of 2▓0 degrees centigrade, being warm in winter and sweltering in summer in the so

uth. Plants are always gree▓n, blossoming in all seasons. Abundant rainfall nurtu▓res tropical and subtropical crops such as rice, yam, corn, sugar cane, banana, longan, litc▓hi, pineapple, shaddock and mango. The


mountains in so▓uthwest and northwest Guangxi abound in Liuzhou fir, silver fir and camphor trees, rare elsewhere. Mineral resources include iron, coal, wolfra▓m, gold, copper, tin, manganese, aluminum, stibium, zinc and petroleum. The area is also rich in tung oil, ▓tea, tea oil, mushroom, Chinese cinnamon, pseud▓o-ginseng, Chinese gecko (used in traditional Chinese medicine to help regain vitality)

is widely ▓distributed in the area, whi

, fennal and fennal essence. The last four items are the Zhuang area's

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special products.China´s dairy farmers cry for help over spil▓t milkby Xinhua writer Fu Sh

rld▓ for its karst topo

uangqi and Cao Guo▓chang SHIJIAZHUANG, Sept. 21 (Xinhua) -- On the outskir▓ts of Nantongye village

graphy. Many rocky peaks rise

, a huge yogurt plant is under const▓ruction. It is planned that it may take all fresh mil▓k produ

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ced by more than 3,000 cows raised by one third of the village households. The plant owner is the Sanlu Group, whose baby formula was found ▓containing the toxic chemical melamine that caused more than6,200 children nationwide to▓ have kidney stones. Dairy farmers at Nantongye village were long-term suppliers to Sanlu, ▓t

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“Creativity is putting your imagination to work, and it's produced the most extraordinary results in human culture.”

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he biggest dairy producer in northern Hebei Province and nationwide, though villagers say they did not sign contracts with the company. The company built five stations in the village to collect freshm

ilk, but since last


riv▓ers. Guilin, a tourist att

Sunday it has stopped buying from f▓armers as all Sanlu plants have been suspended from production since the scandal was reve▓aled. Most farmers raise cows in small farms▓ covering not much more than a

courtyard. Li Zhido


i▓n Guangxi, is an excellent ex

ng's 18 cows produce about 160 kg o▓f milk a day. In the past week, her earnings have dropped by 330 yuan (48.5 U.S. dollars) a day. "I gave aw▓ay the milk to family, friends and neighbors. Some feed

it to their pigs. The

ample of

such lan▓d

rest I pour into the sewer," says Li, 56, who manages the farm with her husband. "All good milk. It's such a waste." She has stopped feeding the cattle concentrated feed, giving them

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